Here is a little bit about me:
I grew up in Mexico City in a bilingual (English and Spanish), and bicultural (American/Mexican) household which made me always very aware of the similarities and differences between the American and the Mexican cultures, along with its many nuances.

I got my University Degree in Business, and graduated with honours, from a bilingual University  (Universidad de las Americas) and worked in the Pharmaceutical, Financial and Post-Production industries before moving to Toronto to work in the Post-Production industry, where I was nominated for an Emmy Award for Colour Correction. That same year I started my family, so my focus shifted to my newborn son.

Through those years, I never fully left teaching: I kept some of my Spanish students and also got certified as a Pilates Instructor, and still to this day have a private Pilates studio. (We can all have our little pleasures, right?)

During this time, my passion for languages and for helping people communicate better cross-culturally only grew stronger.  It led me to start my Instagram account Debbie_spanish_tidbits,  to create I Speak Mexican and all the learning materials I use for all of my classes.

If you need to communicate better in Spanish, drop me a line at